(Specifically faux fur pompom bag charms if you want to get technical)

These are so trendy right now!! I never really thought anything of them – they are sold just about anywhere with a decent fashion sense right now. One of my guy friend’s mom owns her own purse and jewelry shop in Sioux City called The Jewelry Lady.  When she came to visit him she hooked me up with a black pompom. (THANKS PAM!)

I didn’t think I was crazy about them before but I hooked it to my keys and it spices any bag up. I connect my keys to whatever bag I am using and it works like a charm (see what I did there), these are so dope! They even make my boring Vans backpack look trendy. Plus, they are cheap and fun to play with because that faux fur is SOOO SOFT I COULD DIE!!!!!!

(Refer back to my feature on Jordan to see her pretty pink pom she has on her purse, she knows what’s up!!)


*FEATURE – @JordanVanMaanen*

Welcome to my first feature! The person I chose to blog about in this first time feature is Jordan VanMaanen (previously Jordan Hansen). Follow her on instagram, @JordanVanMaanen this is a follow you won’t regret, she is always up to something I swear! The best thing about Jordan is her carefree style – she isn’t afraid of opinions and she rocks the $hit out of everything she tries.

Below are a few products Jordan has been loyal to, along with a few new products she has been using and seeing results with. Also added are a few trend$ Jordan has been trying and LOVING lately –

*Things that I have been into lately:

1.) Too Faced Born This Way Foundation … this stuff is amazing! It’s medium/full coverage, but is super light weight!


  • ^Other Two-Faced product I have been into is their hangover cure primer and bronzer in the shade “medium”. (Comment if you would like a separate more exaggerated blog on these products)

2.) Tea Tree Water Toner by Lush … I have been using this stuff for a few years, but every time I have recommended it to someone they have seen a noticeable difference in their skin!


3.) Jackets!! Now that it’s finally getting cold, I can wear the insane amount of jackets that I have! I think they can make a plain outfit look bomb. I’ve really been loving my fur coat, and my denim sherpa jacket. I also looove pairing my fur coat with a band tee, it looks so cute and vintage rock n roll! 😉

  • ^I love this fall/winter trend!!! & check out that fur/band tee combo (KILLER!!)

4.) My black western boots!!! I’m so obsessed with these! They go with basically everything and that western style is super in right now too!


Another fun fact about Jordan is her love for travel and adventure. Post graduation in May, Jordan moved to Denver and has been doing some sick exploring with her hubby. So, I asked her to share with us some of her favorite spots so far. If you are into exploring the outdoors and you’re in the Colorado area give these dope views and insta-worthy adventure a look –

*Three places I love to visit in CO:
1.) Hanging Lake | Glenwood Canyon, CO
I love this place! I have hiked up it in both the winter and the summer! Also, if you hike up the trail a little bit more you can get to another waterfall that is pretty sick!

2.) Sand Dune National Park
This place is soo sick! It actually feels like you’re in the sahara desert! It’s super tiring to walk around the dunes for a while, but it’s fun. We actually rented sand boards too and boarded down the dunes!


  • ^I have to point out my admiration for Jordan’s mixed pattern trend she pushes in this outfit. Mixed patterns of different shades turn simple patterned pieces into a dope, edgy/trendy outfit.

3.) Strawberry Springs Hot Springs
When you go here you feel like you just teleported to some place in Europe, idk how to describe it, but it’s soo cool! The hot springs are super relaxing, and not too hot or cold so it’s perfect!

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y’all sleeping on me huh, had a good snooze ?


I’m back! I have so much to catch you guys up on … while I have been away I have been brainstorming and gathering ideas, product, and trends I want to share with you. There are some exciting things coming including a feature of one of my DOPE friends, Jordan VanMaanen. In her feature I will spill what I dig about Jordan’s carefree, edgy style, and she will share with you some products that she has been loyal too and more!!! I am really excited to feature other people and learn from you guys so please comment, and share! Collaborating and reading up on other people’s favorite product, style trends, and more opens your mind up to expand your own style. SO STAY TUNED, keep checking in and feel free to follow and get updates when I post!




Velvet is so in right now. The natural shimmer of the fabric gives your outfit a texture like none else. Velvet looks killer with everything! Mix it up and try out another trend by layering a spaghetti strap velvet dress over a plain or band tee, some high knee boots and a choker.

Velvet is so vintage, dope look for New Years Eve …

More about that l8r;)

Comment your thoughts on a New Years Eve outfit inspo post!!



I don’t have much to other than that you just need to wear rings. They are are slimming to your fingers and make your hands look pretty even when your finger nails need serious help. If you aren’t a fan of rings, give adjustable “spoon rings” a try. They are comfortable, casual and affordable.

A dope place to find good quality, reasonable priced rings: Alex and Ani. My hand is to the left showing two Alex and Ani spoon rings I’ve gotten recently. I NEVER take these off.

Layer rings! Small thin bands of different textures go well with anything!



I’m sure you are all aware of this trend and some may be on board and some still aren’t about it.

Simple chokers change everything about an outfit. The reason I like chokers is because it never distracts from your outfit or hangs in the way. They are there to make the outfit tie together and can make simple tee’s look classy and thought out. If you haven’t tried out the choker trend and hopped on board, I recommend giving it a shot.

Also try layering your dainty chokers with a simple medium length necklace you’ve had for years that just chills on your jewelry holder. Chokers make old rustics trendy and current.

For those of you scatterbrains that can’t seem to keep track of your small black chokers try hitting up Wal-Mart for a roll of soft string/yarn. Cut a small piece and tie a new choker when you need one. No more keeping track of that $15 choker you took off when you were drunk!




So I am not really about glitter as I mentioned in my KyShadow post but listen up… YOU NEED HIGHLIGHTER. The key to highlighter is not too much. The product I use for highlighter is BECCA Champaign Pop by Jaclyn Hill. All you need is one dab, after you collect a TINY amount on the tip of your brush lightly swipe the highest points of your cheeks. Once you perfect your highlight you’ll be passing a mirror and catch a glimmer in the right light and be like DAMNNN, GINA… I SEE YOU!

Jk but you’ll notice the difference and be convinced it works wonders like I am.

Product purchased at Sephora, brush Wal-Mart.







As many of you know, I have HUGE brows. For years I professionally waxed my eyebrows once every week to week and a half to maintain these bad boys but after a few years of dropping a ten spot on eyebrow maintenance so frequently I was OVER IT.

With large brows there isn’t much filling in you need to do. To fill in my brows I don’t do much. My left brow is a little less full than my right, so I go in with dark brown Maybelline eyeshadow and follow the natural hair growth to make them more full and equal. Using an angled eyeshadow brush I use the same shadow and basically underline the natural shape of my brow and use a white shadow (bottom left) on my brow bone directly under to give it a natural highlighted look.

The shadow I use for filler is Maybelline in the palette “Natural Smokes” (bottom right).


Tips and Tricks to maintain at LOW COST:

I wax my own brows with at home wax strips. I KNOW, it sounds hard and scary but it is so easy you guys. Once you try it, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been doing it this whole time. I have found in the many years I have been doing my own brows that BODY wax strips work much smoother than face specified strips.

When using the BODY strips you’ll come to find out that they are in large strips meant obviously for your body/legs. So take a scissors and cut them in the the proper size that you need. This is actually way more convenient when doing the underneaths of your brows. You can either cut the strips small and maneuver the strip to fit the area you’re waxing (it will crease when you follow the curve but thats ok it still works!) or you can cut the strips in a similar angle to your brow. IT’S ALL ABOUT IMPROVISING PEOPLE!

Another trick for quick maintenance is a small women’s facial trimmer. Use that little sucker to get your prickly underbrow cleaned up and be on your way!

Pictures of the products I use for maintenance below, both were purchased at Wal-Mart but can be found at drug stores elsewhere!

Comment if you blog post suggestions!



Chobani Drink


You HAVE to try this Chobani Straw ‘Nana drink. It is smooth and high in protein, perfect start to an early day. I am usually not a huge fan of Chobani because of the chalky aftertaste texture but these didn’t disappoint. It is like a Danimal Drinkable but BETTER.

I found these at HyVee but I’m sure they are at all grocery stores.