(Specifically faux fur pompom bag charms if you want to get technical)

These are so trendy right now!! I never really thought anything of them – they are sold just about anywhere with a decent fashion sense right now. One of my guy friend’s mom owns her own purse and jewelry shop in Sioux City called The Jewelry Lady.  When she came to visit him she hooked me up with a black pompom. (THANKS PAM!)

I didn’t think I was crazy about them before but I hooked it to my keys and it spices any bag up. I connect my keys to whatever bag I am using and it works like a charm (see what I did there), these are so dope! They even make my boring Vans backpack look trendy. Plus, they are cheap and fun to play with because that faux fur is SOOO SOFT I COULD DIE!!!!!!

(Refer back to my feature on Jordan to see her pretty pink pom she has on her purse, she knows what’s up!!)


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