*FEATURE – @JordanVanMaanen*

Welcome to my first feature! The person I chose to blog about in this first time feature is Jordan VanMaanen (previously Jordan Hansen). Follow her on instagram, @JordanVanMaanen this is a follow you won’t regret, she is always up to something I swear! The best thing about Jordan is her carefree style – she isn’t afraid of opinions and she rocks the $hit out of everything she tries.

Below are a few products Jordan has been loyal to, along with a few new products she has been using and seeing results with. Also added are a few trend$ Jordan has been trying and LOVING lately –

*Things that I have been into lately:

1.) Too Faced Born This Way Foundation … this stuff is amazing! It’s medium/full coverage, but is super light weight!


  • ^Other Two-Faced product I have been into is their hangover cure primer and bronzer in the shade “medium”. (Comment if you would like a separate more exaggerated blog on these products)

2.) Tea Tree Water Toner by Lush … I have been using this stuff for a few years, but every time I have recommended it to someone they have seen a noticeable difference in their skin!


3.) Jackets!! Now that it’s finally getting cold, I can wear the insane amount of jackets that I have! I think they can make a plain outfit look bomb. I’ve really been loving my fur coat, and my denim sherpa jacket. I also looove pairing my fur coat with a band tee, it looks so cute and vintage rock n roll! 😉

  • ^I love this fall/winter trend!!! & check out that fur/band tee combo (KILLER!!)

4.) My black western boots!!! I’m so obsessed with these! They go with basically everything and that western style is super in right now too!


Another fun fact about Jordan is her love for travel and adventure. Post graduation in May, Jordan moved to Denver and has been doing some sick exploring with her hubby. So, I asked her to share with us some of her favorite spots so far. If you are into exploring the outdoors and you’re in the Colorado area give these dope views and insta-worthy adventure a look –

*Three places I love to visit in CO:
1.) Hanging Lake | Glenwood Canyon, CO
I love this place! I have hiked up it in both the winter and the summer! Also, if you hike up the trail a little bit more you can get to another waterfall that is pretty sick!

2.) Sand Dune National Park
This place is soo sick! It actually feels like you’re in the sahara desert! It’s super tiring to walk around the dunes for a while, but it’s fun. We actually rented sand boards too and boarded down the dunes!


  • ^I have to point out my admiration for Jordan’s mixed pattern trend she pushes in this outfit. Mixed patterns of different shades turn simple patterned pieces into a dope, edgy/trendy outfit.

3.) Strawberry Springs Hot Springs
When you go here you feel like you just teleported to some place in Europe, idk how to describe it, but it’s soo cool! The hot springs are super relaxing, and not too hot or cold so it’s perfect!

If you liked hearing about Jordan’s style and recent product finds comment and share with friends! Don’t forget to follow my blog for future posts and updates!



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