I’m sure you are all aware of this trend and some may be on board and some still aren’t about it.

Simple chokers change everything about an outfit. The reason I like chokers is because it never distracts from your outfit or hangs in the way. They are there to make the outfit tie together and can make simple tee’s look classy and thought out. If you haven’t tried out the choker trend and hopped on board, I recommend giving it a shot.

Also try layering your dainty chokers with a simple medium length necklace you’ve had for years that just chills on your jewelry holder. Chokers make old rustics trendy and current.

For those of you scatterbrains that can’t seem to keep track of your small black chokers try hitting up Wal-Mart for a roll of soft string/yarn. Cut a small piece and tie a new choker when you need one. No more keeping track of that $15 choker you took off when you were drunk!


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