As many of you know, I have HUGE brows. For years I professionally waxed my eyebrows once every week to week and a half to maintain these bad boys but after a few years of dropping a ten spot on eyebrow maintenance so frequently I was OVER IT.

With large brows there isn’t much filling in you need to do. To fill in my brows I don’t do much. My left brow is a little less full than my right, so I go in with dark brown Maybelline eyeshadow and follow the natural hair growth to make them more full and equal. Using an angled eyeshadow brush I use the same shadow and basically underline the natural shape of my brow and use a white shadow (bottom left) on my brow bone directly under to give it a natural highlighted look.

The shadow I use for filler is Maybelline in the palette “Natural Smokes” (bottom right).


Tips and Tricks to maintain at LOW COST:

I wax my own brows with at home wax strips. I KNOW, it sounds hard and scary but it is so easy you guys. Once you try it, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been doing it this whole time. I have found in the many years I have been doing my own brows that BODY wax strips work much smoother than face specified strips.

When using the BODY strips you’ll come to find out that they are in large strips meant obviously for your body/legs. So take a scissors and cut them in the the proper size that you need. This is actually way more convenient when doing the underneaths of your brows. You can either cut the strips small and maneuver the strip to fit the area you’re waxing (it will crease when you follow the curve but thats ok it still works!) or you can cut the strips in a similar angle to your brow. IT’S ALL ABOUT IMPROVISING PEOPLE!

Another trick for quick maintenance is a small women’s facial trimmer. Use that little sucker to get your prickly underbrow cleaned up and be on your way!

Pictures of the products I use for maintenance below, both were purchased at Wal-Mart but can be found at drug stores elsewhere!

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2 thoughts on “BROWS!!! LET THEM FLEEK

  1. abbey kephart says:

    elle honestly you should try just doing nothing to your brows!! The only tweezing I’ve done to my brows for years is making sure i don’t grow a uni. bushy, unkempt brows are super in rn anyway

    Liked by 1 person

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